Maria Kontgis

I have loved working with Birendra and his team; they get things done quickly, efficiently, understand complex projects or team dynamics and are all around great to work with. Not only are they awesome communicators and collaborators, they are also very accommodating. We wouldn’t have been able to redesign our website so easily and effectively without them. Seriously loved having this powerhouse team on our side and walking us through everything from SEO to UX along the way. I will absolutely hire this team again!

Tyson Dymock

GSD has been working with Convergetree for around a year in developing and maintaining cloud solutions.
We have been hyper-focused on 3 things:

  1. What is the customer’s problem, what is holding them back from going to the next level?
  2. Defining and building the solution that completely and holistically solves the customer’s problem.
  3. How can we partner and succeeded together in supporting the customer into the future?

By complete and dedicated focus to these 3 key areas, we have been able to deliver unparalleled value and a price that is at or below market value.
There is no other partner or team I would align myself with. The main concerns with going external have been clearly mitigated by using Convergetree and their team of excellent and highly qualified engineers.

If you have any second thoughts or issues working with Convergetree please reach out, I would love to have a conversation regarding your concerns.

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Johan Windzer

I have had the pleasure to work with Birendra, Sajat and their team at Convergetree on a number of projects. We greatly value their high level of engagement and ability to quickly grasp our complex needs in various fields of development. As their team consists of skilled developers with wide knowledge from different frameworks and languages, we have been able to quickly together create the specifications needed and get started with a project.

In hindsight they have always pointed us in the right direction regarding the difficult task of ensuring the choices of correct frameworks and thereby simplifying the future development of our application.

We have a long experience of outsourcing but this is on a different level. Working with skilled individuals is always great, but in combination with having a positive attitude and high engagement its a winning combination that I can highly recommend.